The Problems We Solve

A lot of small businesses start out the same way with similar issues. They start getting more and more data in that they need to manage. So they do what most small business and startups do, they start using spreadsheets. At first it might just be a couple of spreadsheets, but with growth the number of spreadsheets also grow. But spreadsheets are not great to run your business on. 

So they might do a couple of things, they might get a couple of off the shelf systems to replace some of the spreadsheets. They might also hire some cheap labour overseas to do some of the tedious data entry and data management manually as it can all be very labour intensive.

You now start having a lot of staff so you need someone to help manage all the people locally and overseas. The data is still spread out and duplicated which leads to poor decisions and frustration along with miscommunication. 

None of these spreadsheets, your websites and your off the shelf systems can really talk to each other the way you want them to.

Growing and scaling up now becomes very difficult and expensive. You might also find that your profit margins drop as you grow, making you more vulnerable.

Does this sound familiar?

Why Custom Software

Custom software done right in combination with off the shelf systems can pretty much solve all your above problems. Most modern off the shelf systems are cloud based and have rich integration possibilities. Which basically means that they are ease to talk to and you can easily send and receive data from them. Custom software allows any off the shelf system to talk to any other off the shelf system. And it will also allow your websites to talk to each other and all the off the shelf system in any way you want them to, this is very powerful.

The other thing that custom software does is remove any limitations, you can basically work with any process you want and with any data you want.

This allows you to streamline your process and data management from A to Z. The custom software will also open up new opportunities with new products and services you could not delivery earlier. It will also delight your clients, customers and staff since it is easy, fast and available at any time from any where.

What You Get

In short, you get an automated and highly scalable business. With systems that can all talk to each other and perform jobs that would take hours in just a few seconds. Often with no human intervention. You get all data available to you at any time from any where. You get clients and customers who are delighted to engage with your products and services. You get staff who are enjoying their work as all the labour intensive and boring tasks have been automated.

You get to work on your business instead of in it. You get innovation and automation and a much more creative workplace. It no longer becomes a matter of surviving and keeping the ship afloat. It becomes a matter of what is the next product, service and feature to take on. Instead of experiencing lack, you will start to thrive as a business. You company will become an exciting place to work where innovation, change and growth is a big part of it.

Where To Next?

So you have got your initial version of the custom software in production and you are using it on a daily basis. It is saving you time and money and you are on your way to having a highly scalable and automated business ready for growth. Now what?

Well, at Javiro we see this software partnership as an ongoing growth partnership. The effort put in might go a bit up and down. But we never stop helping you grow and automate your business. And as you will see when you read about our software partnership contract, it is in our best interest that you keep growing and making more money with reduces expenses.

We also want to help you grow into new products, services, features and markets. With custom software in combination with a joint incentive for your business to do well, there are a lot of opportunities. This is why helping you to be innovative and disruptive is so important. 

If this is something that you would like to have as part of your business, please get in touch with us. Let's have a chat and see if there is a potential to work together.

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