what we do.

We develop robust custom software to automate your business. Increase productivity and disrupt your competition.
Fast delivery, great support and we do not kill your cashflow.

Why You Would Engage With Us?

In growing a lot of business encounter the similar challenges and often apply similar solutions initially.
It usually involves spreadsheets, a few off the shelf systems and outsourcing the simple labour intensive tasks to cheaper staff overseas.
Often you have special needs in your business that a spreadsheet or off the shelf software just doesn't do at all.
This will work OK until your growth gets to around the 7 figure turn over or 5-10 staff.
Then it will get more complicated and you will start experiencing a lot more pain points, bottle necks and human error.
We are able to automate, streamline and apply custom software to all the problems above.
You will be able to do more, faster and with less staff. This will not only make your business more enjoyable to run, but your staff will be happier and your clients and customer will enjoy getting their product or service a lot swifter.

Why custom software?

The problem with spreadsheets, off the shelf systems and websites is that they often can not communicate and share data the way you really need them to.
Often you can "hack" little solutions to fix a few of the communication and data issues.
But it will usually not be a great solution and it will not scale well.
With custom software as a bit of a brain in the middle of all this. We basically can automate anything. The limitations of what you have been using so far will not longer be relevant.
And the best part is that we can often keep your website and your off the shelf system. We just need to get the custom software to integrate (communicate) with them.
So custom software does not mean developing everything from scratch.
We want to keep the bits that work. Don't fix it if it's not broke.
Custom software just removes any limitation and opens up to new opportunities, products and services.

what you get

We will transform your business from a pain to a thriving and enjoyable business to run.
It will open up new opportunities for new services and products which you can currently not deliver. You will be able to deliver your products and services faster.
Allowing you to make more informed and better decisions.
We will remove a lot of the human error and make it easier for your staff to do the work.
Your business will be a lot more scalable. You will be able to sell more and not worry about how you are going to deliver.
Your profit margins will also increase dramatically and they will not shrink with the growth as your are now prepared for big growth.

Beyond Automation, Let's innovate

The first step in all this is to automate away all the paint points and bottlenecks which are currently holidng you back.
But normally you don't wan't to stop there.

Together and with the power of custom software we often find that there are untapped opportunities for your business which is now open to you with an innovative mindset and the power of custom software already established.

You will start thinking more and more about how you can utilise this power which you now have availbable to you.

This is where it gets really exciting and we can wait to help you on that journey to success!

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