our process

How It Works.


Initial Discovery

Initially we would schedule 1 or more meetings to discover if there is a potential for working together.
The main goal is to determine if we go ahead with the design phase of the project.
There are no quotes or prices that come out of these meetings.
But rather it is to see if we are a good fit for what you want to achieve.
We also only want to work with companies we believe in and that you have an ethically sound business.
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Design Phase

We get to know your business
What is working well
What is not working well
What is the most important pain points and bottle necks
Design your new software system
Mock-ups or wireframes to showing exaclty how the user interface will work
Data structure and software architecture design
You will learn a lot about your business working with us through this. Any documentation from the design phase is yours to keep.
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ROI Calculation & Software Partnership Contract.

This is where we calculate your ROI of the software project.
Normally the ROI is based on either saving time or your business being able to provide new services.

We calculate the monetary benefit to your company on a monthly basis.
Our initial fee is normally around 2 months of the calculate monthly benefit.
Our monthly fee is around 20-50% of the monthly benefit.
We want to make sure the monthly fee is fair to both parties to guarantee a great outcome.

This IS why we call it a software partnership.
The better you do, the better we do. We WANT you to succeed!
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Development Phase.

We kick off the software development project for version 1.0.
Normally the timeline for the first version is 2 to 4 months.
You will be involved along the way, testing and making minor changes as we go.

You will be included in our project management tools so you can see exactly how the project is tracking.
We are all about transparency, we are in this together.
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Go Live Version 1.0.

Version 1.0 is now development and testing complete.
We go live and we enter support and future features mode.
There is always some stabilisation and minor bug fixes after a big go live of the first version of new software.
Now your business is ready to accelerate to the next level!
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& Innovation.

Good software is always evolving and improving. Once the first version is stable we start looking to innovate.

What new products and services can we offer with the software? How can we automate further to make your staffs job even easier? How can we delight your clients and customers even more?
This is where we really start disrupting your competition!
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