ROI pricing.

and the software partnership contract

pricing steps summary

Initial Discovery Meetings


Let's Talk

Design Phase Daily Rate

$1350 ex GST

3 to 10 days of design depending on project size.
You own the design outputs.

ROI Calculation & Software Contract

We agree on a initial fee and monthly fee after go live.

Software Development

Normally 2-4 months
of software development

Once the software is live you will start saving/profiting thousands each month.

quotes and hourly rates only are flawed

Most software development companies will offer either a project quote or hourly rates.
Sometimes a combination of quote for initial project and then hourly rates for support and new features.

None of these ways of pricing a software development project really works in our opinion.

Why quotes and hourly rates often fail:

Quotes are very hard to estimate with a custom software project.
Development companies will normally put a 50%-200% buffer on the project.

Huge fees up front to pay for the whole project can really hurt your business cash flow.

Hourly rates is great for the software company, but you have to trust them completely.

With hourly rates there is also no incentive to for quality and speed of development.

the software partnership solution

Is ROI a better way? We think so.

We believe the most important thing is the value the software brings to your business.

We guarantee your return on investment in 3-6 months of the software going live.

This minimizes your risk and gives you comfort knowing exactly how much you pay.

Our clients save/profit thousands or 10's of thousands each month from the software.

If you knew you could not lose money, what could you do with custom software?

We only do projects where we both clearly benefit from it.

What would your business look like
if your core tasks were automated?

Sound like a plan?
Let's catch up to see if we can work together!

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