software partnership contract

pricing summary

Initial Discovery Meetings


Design Phase Daily Rate

$1350 ex GST

Expect there to be from 2 to 10 days of design depending on project size.

Software Development

version 1.0

We charge about 50% of what the project would actually cost.

We agree on usage fee to pay for future support and innovation.

We make sure your cash flow is OK and that
we both benefit from your business growing

quotes or hourly rates only are flawed

Most software development companies will offer either a project quote or hourly rates.
Sometimes a combination of quote for initial project and then hourly rates for support and new features.

None of these ways of pricing a software development project really works in our opinion.
Here is why:

Quotes are very hard to estimate with a custom software project. That's why the development company will always put a massive buffer on the project. Sometimes as high as 100-200% extra.

Hourly rates is great for the software company, but you have to trust them completely.

There is also no incentive for the software company to deliver features and fixes quickly with hourly rates.

the software partnership solution

Is there a better way? We think so.

We believe in an agreement where there is mutual incentive and responsibility.

The best way we have found to solve this problem is with a reduced quote combined with a monthly royalty/usage fee.

The reduced quote for version 1.0 ensures that we are not adding a big buffer and you keep your cash flow healthy. This is the big incentive for your company.

The royalty/usage fee is our incentive to keep delivering and to make our biggest effort to get your business to grow as much as possible.

The more you grow, the more we make from the royalty/usage fee.

The more we make, the more we want to help you grow even further.

We believe we can create a real win-win partnership
where we both benefit from your success.

Sound like a plan?
Let's catch up to see if we can work together!

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