What could automation do for your business

Jack Rorvik

What could automation do for your business?

Well, not automating your business could leave you falling behind your competition.

Now, if you chose to automate, you could put your business right at the front as a disruptor.

Hi, my name is Jack and I am the founder of Javiro.

Javiro is a software development company dedicated to innovation and business automation.

Is automating your business something you should worry about?

First step is to see if you are ready to automate, so let’s check the following few things:

  1. You are established, meaning you are not worried about your business dying in the short to medium term.
  2. You have a turnover of around half a million dollars or more.
  3. You have at least a handful of local or overseas staff.
  4. You are profitable, even after paying yourself a small wage.

If you can tick most of those boxes, you are most likely ready for custom automation.

Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of custom automation:

  1. Your business and your processes will become a lot more efficient.
    You will be able to deliver your product or service a lot faster, with less effort and with more accuracy.
  2. Because you are having to do less but achieving more, you will be able to reduce cost and increase profit margins.
  3. Information management and data access will become so much easier.
    You will be able to access any business critical info at any time from any device.
  4. Because you have increased your productivity and speed, your customer service will become a lot better.
    You can go from being a pain to deal with to being a pleasure and getting great reviews.
  5. You will also make your staff's jobs a lot easier with less human error.
    Which leads to better morale and less staff turnover.
  6. Last but not least, you will be able to become a lot more innovative.
    New services and products delivered in better and more streamlined ways.
    Delighting clients and customers with custom made portals where they are in control.
    A lot of customers now expect to be able to engage in most companies in an easy way online.
    It is not just becoming a nice to have, it’s a must.

If you think these benefits would solve a lot of your bottle necks and pain points, you might be ready to automate. 

Then I recommend getting in touch with a business automation specialist like Javiro.