1. Initial Discovery Meeting

Initially we like to have one or more meetings to discover if there is a potential for working together. These meetings are not designed to come up with a quote or any sort of pricing for the project. The goal is to see if we can deliver what you are looking for and also to see if we believe in your company and where you want to go. As mentioned earlier, we engage with our clients in a software partnership. So we need to believe in what you are trying to achieve. It is also a good way to get to know each other and to discover if we are a good match and that we think we would be happy to work together.

One of the main goals of these meetings is also to decide to go ahead with the innovation and design phase. The schedule of it and the hourly or daily cost associated with it. We do not commit beyond the innovation and design phase at this point. These initial discovery meetings are not at any cost to your business.

2. Innovation And Design Phase

This phase is charged at an hourly or daily rate. This is where we get to really know your business. What are your problems and bottlenecks. What are you currently using in terms of web sites, spreadsheets and off the shelf systems. We map out your current situation.

Then we look at where you want to go. What are your short and long term goals for you business. What are the most important things to automate. What data and reports do you need frequent and easy access to. How can you get a good view of what is happening in your business right at any time. How can you improve communication in your company and with your clients and customers.

The outputs from this phase is a range of documents. Usually we produce playable mock-ups, which is a bit like a mock application so you get a great view of exactly how it would work. We also produce different technical diagrams, like architecture and process flow diagrams. We also look at what tech to use and what cloud services and hosting options we have. 

You will be amazed to how much you will learn about your own business going through this process. You will also discover the amazing potential that custom software can open up for your company. Any output created in this phase is yours to keep, and if you are not happy with us for some reason, you are free to bring these outputs to another provider. We are so confident in our skills and value that we really do not want to lock anyone in. We want companies that want to work with us, period.

3. Establish The Software Partnership Contract

The next and very important step is to establish the terms of the software partnership contract. Because this is such an important part of the process, we have dedicated a separated page with more details on this topic. 

This is really where we decide if we want to work together and where we come up with the terms that will work for both parties. Essentially it needs to have enough incentive for us and at the same time not kill your cash flow. If we can achieve and agree on this, we move forward to start software implementation.

4. Software Implementation Starts

This is where the rubber hits the road. We start implementing the initial version or minimum viable product (MVP). We work in an agile way, which means you will be included in the process. You are also able to have a look at what we are developing and makes changes and adjustments along the way. Every couple of weeks we will deliver new features for you to have a look at. You will be able to see it come alive. It is important that you stay involved in this phase. Both to help testing it and to make sure it works exactly how you want it. And it is also important that your staff gets involved as well. We track everything we do precisely, so you always know how the project is progressing.

5. Go Live With Version 1.0

The MVP and version 1.0 is now development complete. Testing by us and by yourself and your staff is also completed and we are all good to go live. This is where we set up production environments and deploy our code to those environments. 

There will always be a bit of stabilisation and adjustments to be made once we have gone live. Because we now have more people using the software pretty much all day. But if both parties have done their job well in defining what to make, this phase should be pretty minor. Congratulations, you are now on your way to dominate your industry!

6. Support And Future Features

With the terms in the software partnership contract you will be guaranteed support, bug fixes and even future features. This means that unlike a lot of other software development companies, we don't leave you stranded. And since it is in our best interest to make your company as successful as possible, we are not just obligated to create new features, we really want to. We just want you to be successful in having accelerated growth and increased profit margins. If you win, we win. That's our magic formula.

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